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A happy wife of Indra and also a proud mother of Zhavar & Zhahir(and hopefully more to come ;p). Currently living in Groningen, The Netherlands. I'm living a perfect live here. However, I can't wait to be back in Jakarta, Indonesia. My land. My home country. Where I can live a much much more perfect life, to be able to share with my lovely parents, parents in law, sisters, sister in law, brothers in law, nieces, nephew, aunties, uncles, cousins and NOT to forget my grandmas. Hmm, I think I just mentioned the whole big family. Yep, there you have it. I love my family so much. Well, don't you?! Oh, and I miss my friends too ;p. Anyway, I'm just starting to learn photography now. So I'll be posting a lot of photos here. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. So, what are you waiting for? Just scroll down and enjoy it!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The Unexpected Package

Last week, I bought something from Ebay. Based on the information from the seller, it should arrived this week. So since Monday, I've been waiting for the package arrive at my door.

This afternoon, while I was browsing on the internet, our bell rang. SInce we didn;t have any appointments with anyone, I thought that must be the mail man.

Me, who was still in front of the computer asked hubby to see who it was. And yes. That's the mail man. I was so excited and couldn't wait for hubby to come back with a package.

I waited almost 10 minutes. But hubby still haven't showed up. So I shouted(in a very nice voice) "Was it the mail man, hon?" "Yes." "Did he deliver any package?" "Yes." "Why don't you come here with the package?" I was very impatient.

And within a minute, he showed up wearing a green army boonie hat on his head, with an all smile face. I was going to laugh, but still kept it cool. (Seriously, you might also find it funny if you see his face at that time). Then I went, "Where did you get that?" "From the package that was delivered by the mail man.", he said.

I was a little bit dissappointed with the fact that the package wasn't for me. So I continued browsing on the internet. When suddenly hubby put something on my head. I immediately took it off and said "What?". "That's for you," said hubby. OMG. He bought the same hat for me. And he also had already bought a boonie hat for Zhavar. So the 3 of us, now have the same hat. Green army boonie hats. It looks silly actually. I laughed for about 5 minutes non-stop. But wait till you see us wearing those hats for their intended use(maybe next month). It goes from silly to cool ;p. Haha.
note: I'm still waiting for the other package that hasn't arrived yet.

Here's a picture of us wearing the hats.

boonie hat
Don't we look hilariously funny with those hats??

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shelly said...

Yes! Hilarious, but wonderful and happy!

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