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A happy wife of Indra and also a proud mother of Zhavar & Zhahir(and hopefully more to come ;p). Currently living in Groningen, The Netherlands. I'm living a perfect live here. However, I can't wait to be back in Jakarta, Indonesia. My land. My home country. Where I can live a much much more perfect life, to be able to share with my lovely parents, parents in law, sisters, sister in law, brothers in law, nieces, nephew, aunties, uncles, cousins and NOT to forget my grandmas. Hmm, I think I just mentioned the whole big family. Yep, there you have it. I love my family so much. Well, don't you?! Oh, and I miss my friends too ;p. Anyway, I'm just starting to learn photography now. So I'll be posting a lot of photos here. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. So, what are you waiting for? Just scroll down and enjoy it!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Finally.. an Update

Dear friends..
Just want to let you know, that from now on I'll be blogging at my old blog http://senaz.blogsome.com.

For those of you, my fellow photographer bloggers, I'm sorry to tell you that my old blog is in Indonesian and you might not found as many pictures there as in this blog. I'm quite busy with my new live in Jakarta. Not to mention I am now in my second trimester of my pregnancy. So many things to do. And so little time.

Please feel free to contact me. Hope i'll be blogging here again. Well, not in the near future. Maybe when the baby has arrived.

And here's a slideshow from my last trip to Athens. I know it's far too late. But it's better than never right?!

Friday, 11 July 2008

We're Off To: ......

Finally. Yes, finally. After having so much doubt whether we should leave for vacation or not, we finally made our minds to keep up with our plan. Go on vacation. Yes, think we need one.

There are so many reasons that contaminated our(me & hubby) heads for the last couple of days about this vacation thing.
1. Zhavar, had a high fever and had been vomiting since Tuesday. In adition when he gets sick, he refuses to eat. High fever + vomiting + not eating = NOT GOOD. So we planned to cancel our trip. We wanted to make sure that Zhavar got better first. Coz for us (and many other parents alike), kids come first.
We went to the GP. After examining Zhavar, he said that Zhavar had a viral infection. So we only had to give him paracetamol. Thankfully, today he's better.

2. Me, flying by plane. When we booked and bought the flight and accomodation of this trip, it was months before we knew that I got pregnant. After we found out I was pregnant, we're really worried whether this trip could harm the foetus in any way, since my pregnancy is only 6 weeks old.
Went to the GP and Obgyn. Asked them, they said it's okay. The obgyn said that the danger is higher for babies (especially newborns) compared to a foetus.

3. Me, having nausea. This week has been hard for me. I got a really bad nausea. Nothing to describe more. I think you get the idea.
It's bad, but I think it is manageable.

4. Hubby, having high fever and sore throat.
He is a baby. He got the fever from Zhavar, lasted for two days. He said the sore throat is manageable, and will pack ibuprofen for the trip, just in case.


So anyway, within a few hours, we will leave for Athens..Hurray!!!

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Zhavar in Action

For some of you who've been wondering what's up with Zhavar. He's doing great. his communicating skills has been boosting compared to his other skills.
So, here's a few pictures of Zhavar. My dearest boy.

His favourite hat. a bush hat.

The boy with curly hair.


He likes to wear my sunglasses. The bigger the better ;p.

Posing after taking a bath.



Thursday, 3 July 2008

Craving #2: Mango

Who doesn't like mango? I bet most people find this fruit as an exotic delicacy. Me, even while I'm not pregnant would love to indulge myself with it everyday. Which I haven't been always able to do everyday. Coz here, as a tropical fruit, mango is a luxurious treat. As in expensivo.

However, being pregnant, I guess I can make an exception. Anyway, a little luxury wouldn't harm the baby-to-be. Right?!!


Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Random Images {City Center}

Love Groningen. Love the city. Love the buildings. Love the details.
You just can't get enough taking pictures here. Literally anything would be a great object for my photography excercises.




















I took it on our way back home. It's actually from my neighbour garden.

1st Prenatal Visit

This morning was very special for me. It was the very first time I can see my 2nd baby-to-be in my uterus. I was very excited. Eventhough waht I've saw was only a small black circle. According to my obgyn, it's about 4 weeks old. Yes, it's a little early for the 1st prenatal visit. But considering my history of miscarriage this would be a better way to be sure that everything was fine.

I was asked so many questiones by my obgyn about pregnancy symptomps that I've been experiencinf. Which to my surprise I haven't really having a bad nausea, vomiting, I hadn't even felt a little bit sick.

The visit lasted for about 10 minutes. We asked many questions while there. Some of the questions that cross our minds were whether travelling by plane would harm the foetus and should I get some blood test?

Thankfully, the answers were just what we had been hoping to hear. So..All in all, the 1st visit was great. Nothing to be worried about. Alhamdulillah.

Anyway, I always write & keep everything(pictures of USG, etc) that's got to do with my pregnancies on my pregnancy diary.

Here's a picture of the diaries(bottom: pregnant w/Zhavar..up: 2nd pregnancy)
pregnancy diaries

And here's a picture from the USG, that I've attached to the diary
2nd pregnancy diary

Craving #1: Petai

Petai. Never in my life I like it. I hate the smell of it. Oh yeah..it's really smelly. As a matter of fact, as smelly as it is, you can smell it on your pee after you eating it. Not to mention what it can do to one's breath. So the bottom line, it really does smell.

However, despite of the smelliness, many Indonesians loooove to eat this thing. And now, I'm one of them. Well ok, it smells. But seriously, it's delicious. No wonder people crave for this food.

Anyway, for those of you who like or want to eat this, just a quick suggestion. Brush your theeth or even wash your mouth with peppermint and eat a lot of menthol chewing gum, afterwards!!!
Please..do your partner or whoever whom you'll interact soon a favor. Okay? K!


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