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A happy wife of Indra and also a proud mother of Zhavar & Zhahir(and hopefully more to come ;p). Currently living in Groningen, The Netherlands. I'm living a perfect live here. However, I can't wait to be back in Jakarta, Indonesia. My land. My home country. Where I can live a much much more perfect life, to be able to share with my lovely parents, parents in law, sisters, sister in law, brothers in law, nieces, nephew, aunties, uncles, cousins and NOT to forget my grandmas. Hmm, I think I just mentioned the whole big family. Yep, there you have it. I love my family so much. Well, don't you?! Oh, and I miss my friends too ;p. Anyway, I'm just starting to learn photography now. So I'll be posting a lot of photos here. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. So, what are you waiting for? Just scroll down and enjoy it!

Monday, 16 June 2008

Back To School

Last week, Zhavar skipped school the entire week. It's not because he didn't want to go to school. On the contrary, he loves school. It's the place he can play with a lot of toys. Being read a lot of books. Running. Screaming. Playing with other children. Etc. It's his do-whatever-I-want place.

The thing is, I was too lazy to bike him there last week. (Oh shame on me). The weather last week wasn't to friendly. It was always cloudy and a little bit rainy. So I thought it's best for us not to go outside(in support of my lazyness).

However, if you live in The Netherlands, especially Groningen, you can;t really count on the weather. Coz eventhough it's summer, there's no guarantee that the sun will shine everyday. When it does, it may not shine the whole day. So the whole last week, Zhavar just played inside the house. Poor him. I think he's a little bit frustrated about that. Since our apartment(as many other apartments in The Netherlands) is small.

So this morning, I decided to took Zhavar to his school. And he's very delighted knowing that we're heading to school. He really enjoying his 3 hours time at school. And by the time we went home, he's all sleepy.

After 1,5 hours of sleep, he woke up from his nap. And we, the 3 of us, headed to the city center to have some lunch. We ate in Wagamama. The only noodle speciality restaurant in Groningen.

And we spent the rest of the afternoon hunting sandals for me. What for? For our on coming trip. Yey! Summer vacation is on its way.

(Zhavar's playing with his chopsticks while waiting for his food)



(pictures taken at Wagamama Restaurant in Groningen)


Mamah Ani said...

pindah rumah buuu...
zhafar,,,,lucuuuu banget

yossy hamdan said...

Senaz, lgs ku ganti nih urlnya.. Duh foto2 bagus2 dan guede2 buangetttt.. hehehe, terang bo'

shelly said...

I just love your photography!

Hi! My name is Senaz.. said...

@mama ani: tanteee..iya nih aku pindahan..sering2 ke sini ya..ngeliat cucu..hihi..

@mba yossy: mba yosh..makasih ya dah diganti urlnya..eh, mba yosh malah blm masuk blogrollku yg disini..

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